• How can I order?
  • How is my order processed?
  • When do I receive my order?
  • Are there discounts for Resellers?
  • Do We blind Dropship?
  • How to cancel a order?
  • Can you reproduce my Icecup design?
  • Do you produce other Icecup qualities?
  • Do you produce the Icecups?

How can I order?

Consider, compare and decide the freezer size and the quantity of icecups you want to order.
Download the layouts of the Icecup and the freezer, design it with your brand and save it in .jpg or .ai or .cdr
Write your order by email mentioning the freezer model and Icecup quantity by flavours, attach your icecup and the freezer layout design and send the email.

How is my order processed?

After receiving your request by e-mail, we will immediately analyse it and, if there are no doubts, it will be sent to the production, if there are any doubts you will be contacted immediately in order to guarantee the best final result.

When do I receive my order?

The preparation of your request starts at the moment you formalize it correctly, agreeing with the sales conditions and ensuring the payment. The delivery date is indicated on the confirmation e-mail from your order.

Are there discounts for Resellers?

You can submit to be a Original Icecup Agent ONLY if you fill this profile:
1. Have to be a promotional Products Professional reseller or a food distribution company based in a European community country at least for one year.
2. Have to be PSI or Fyvar member.
Our prices are factory-direct wholesale already. Discounts are determined solely by quantity ordered and there are no further discounts.

Do We blind Dropship?

Yes we 'blind dropship'. Many distributors, wholesalers and other companies use us to ship to their end customers as our factory-direct prices allow for sizeable profit margins. Simply indicate in the 'comments' section of your order that you need the order blind dropshipped and we will not place return info on the boxes and there will be no invoices or packing slips.

How to cancel a order?

Orders may be cancelled right up until the time they ship. Any charges incurred by us up until the time you cancelled will be charged, including art charges, screen charges, dyeing costs, etc.

Can you reproduce my Icecup design?

Yes, we work with a creative and design department that, through your instructions and ideas, realizes models and projects proposals that simulate the final product.

Do you produce other Icecup qualities?

The solutions presented on our site represent the “standard” and available offer for a prompt delivery. We have many other solutions and at a specific inquiry, we can evaluate any kind of projects for Icecups.

Do you produce the products?

Yes, we produce the Icecream and the labels.